These are only a small selection of the projects that we have delivered for our clients. Please contact us for further information about how Covam can support your business.

Market Analysis

In depth market analysis focused upon oncology opportunities for a US based Biotech organisation.

This analysis enabled the client to make informed strategic decisions regarding where to focus a number of their early pre-clinical targets and which of these targets to prioritise.

Conjugated Cytotoxic Drugs

A detailed analysis of the current and forward projected market for conjugated cytotoxic drugs for a US based biologics CMO.

Understanding the drivers of demand and the competitive landscape enabled the client to make informed decisions in regard to targeted provision of a new service offering.

New R&D Facility

Site Master Planning exercise that led to initial design and specification setting for a new R&D facility for a UK based Fine Chemical and Intermediates company.

Lab Design Solution

Concept design, planning and execution support for a 2500 m2 laboratory building in Switzerland for a CMO Organisation. The facility included API research and development, analytical and QC.

API Facilities

Scoping and design for Pharmaceutical API facilities in China, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa.

Efficiency & ‘Q’ Audit

Full Operational Efficiency and ‘Q’ audit for a US based Pharmaceutical Company.

The audit encompassed all aspects of the operational elements of the business and concluded with submission of a full analysis of the current state and a series of actionable recommendations.

User Brief Document

Development of a full User Brief document for a large scale high potency facility for an Asian CMO.

The User Brief was developed in cooperation with the operational staff of the client and focused upon providing technical and operational solutions to support the customers business case and commercial expectations.

API Process Analysis

Process analysis to determine likely cause of persistent drift of yield. The proportion of yield loss was variable and inconsistent batch to batch.

COVAM helped our client to resolve the issue after identifying a change of an initially believed non critical raw material specification and a temperature sensor that had an intermittent fault that did not manifest itself during the standard test protocol. Solving this challenge demonstrated the ability of the COVAM team to think both in ‘the box’ and out of ‘the box’ in order to solve problems.