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Pharmaceutical Consultants


Covam is a network of highly experienced consultants that have worked at the highest level in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Fine Chemical world.

We deploy resources in almost infinite combinations to assist our clients in solving complex challenges. Complex problems or challenges require flexible approaches as we all know circumstances, both internal and external, change frequently and a ‘one size fits all’ approach rarely yields results.

Our goal for the duration of any assignment is to be seen as part of your team helping to move your business forward.

We specialise in providing our clients with comprehensive and practical expertise in the areas of drug development, manufacture, scale up, sourcing, CMO selection and management, market analysis, engineering, technology and concept planning.

Pharmaceutical Consultants

What we do

From strategy development through to commercialisation, from people and process through to technology, our focus is the provision of open minded and practical thinking throughout the value chain.

The business was first formed in 2007, and since 2009 in its current form, has provided focussed support to many clients in the pharmaceutical industry across the globe, as although based in Northern Europe, we have consultants spread across the world who have helped customers in Asia, through to Europe and Africa, and across the Atlantic to the Americas.

Covam takes a task-skill approach to supporting our clients, filling in gaps that our clients have open, or that a long-term need for acquiring full time does not exist. This level of flexibility, coupled with a broad field of experience, gives our clients a much appreciated level of customisation to our support.

Pharmaceutical Consultants
Pharmaceutical Consultants

Our areas of support

Strategic Planning

Have you noticed that every corporation is on a ‘journey’ these days?

It has become popular to focus on the journey and it seems often that the destination has become of secondary concern. Simply adding the word ‘journey’ to a mission statement will not imbue a company with sanctity or credibility.

Covam focusses on helping clients to ask the right questions of themselves, be committed to the truths that exist in their situation, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvienient, such that an actionable plan can be devised to reach a set of defined goals, achievements and/or outcomes.

Covam strives to deliver solutions not buzz words.

Marketing as an Art & Science

Covam’s marketing professionals have in excess of 50 years of experience blending the art and science of marketing with an ‘outside-the-box’ perspective that both challenges the conventional but respects the focus on projecting the clients business in the most lasting and effective manner.

Research & Development

From systematics to assess process development opportunities to review and structuring of CMC sections, Covam helps our clients to move through the R&D phase of a compound pragmatically and intelligently.

Time is the biggest ‘thief’ of innovation, often time forces us to push through sub optimal processes storing up challenges at later phases, sometimes opportunities are overlooked, sometimes too many opportunities are explored.

Covam can support our clients with practical support both on the science itself, supporting process optimisation and in the appropriate assessment processes to support decision making.

Facilities & Capital Planning

Covam deploys a systematic called the 'User Brief', a multi-purpose document enabling the scoping of capital expenditures to be both structured AND most critically focussed upon the operations to be performed with the investment.

The user brief document captures the operational, quality and operability aspects of planned investments and is used as the first key quality document for cGMP capabilities being created.

Covam has demonstrated on many occasions how effective the User Brief can be, being used in multiple countries and for investments ranging from API Manufacturing, Secondary Pharma Manufacturing, R&D facilities and new technology ventures.a systema

Making Things !

Making the determination of whether to make, buy, partner with another organisation or a combination of these possibilities can be a complex road to navigate, having to balance responsibility, accountability, reproducibility, geo political and local risk, control, time etc.

Often a lot of focus is placed on manufacturing, quite sensibly, however de-risking the supply chain, not just for the finished product, but also key intermediate or components, is often overlooked.

Building in quality, not as a key separate activity, but an integral part of ‘making stuff’ is still discussed but not necessarily lived in reality. The experience and practical knowledge gained from doing it ‘wrong’ and learning lessons from that uniquely equips Covam to help to avoid the often complex interactions between stakeholders in the process.

There is no one solution, no one answer, but Covam can share the hard won experience we have to help you define the best path for you.

Supply Chain

Often overlooked in the ‘white hot’ maelstrom of drug and product research and development in the pharmaceutical industry is the supply chain. The supply of critical materials, the mechanisms of transportation trans globally, the cultural, regulatory and legal aspects of material movements and the identification and mitigation of risk is often given less focus, and as a result introduces jeopardy to a venture. Covam inherently understands the positive impact to a programme that a well thought out supply chain strategy can deliver. This understanding has been hard won on the ‘battlefield’ of managing complex, international programmes in an environment where situations can (and will !) change rapidly.